Security Cameras

We Supply & Install quality Security products to suit all kinds of needs to make sure your property is protected & recorded 24/7. Our installations range from Budget entry level to High End Auto Tracking cameras with Tripwire IVS Technology so you know instantly if someone has intruded on your property.

Digital TV

Having the correct Antenna to receive quality Digital TV signals is crucial to maximise your receptions potential. Not having an adequate Antenna will result in loss of signal and pixelated images. We specialize in VHF and UHF Digital Antenna installations including Amplifiers to improve signal quality and also filter out possible intereference from 4G/LTE mobile towers.


With today’s ever changing Digital World the need for a faster speed or better WiFi coverage is becoming crucial to keep up with the so many different applications that require a decent internet speed. In one example you might need an internet connection in a second dwelling or flat on the same property & you haven’t allowed an underground option. Never fear as Network Bridging is becoming more & more useful in day to day requirements. These are commonly used to stream IP security cameras back to the Recorder for viewing & recording purposes. If you have “ line of sight ” even if it’s kilometres these high quality Access Points & Stations are the answer. We can also install additional Access Points in your home that will cover those WiFi blackspots & improve those slower speeds.

TV, Phone/NBN & Data Outlets

Want an extra TV outlet in the bedroom or the man cave ? No problems at all and we can setup the TV and supply and install a quality flylead to get you on your way to kicking back enjoying your viewing. We also install additional phone and Data outlets. For example you may want to free up the congestion on your WiFi signal by having some high quality Ethernet cabling installed for your TV or any other device that can be hard wired. Less devices means faster speeds.

Vast Satellite Installs

Eligibility always had TV reception issues? Thinking there's no options to watch TV ? We have the solution for you. Once you've checked your on the Link below and received pre-approval we can install a VAST satellite system.

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TV Wall Mount Installations

We can Supply & Install a TV wall mount bracket to cater for pretty much every different style of TV and location for the TV. Wall mount, Ceiling Mount and other various options. Contact us for more details

Wireless Broadband Antennas

If you find that your phone calls are dropping out or those pictures on your smartphone are taking an age to load there are a few solutions available. From an external antenna for your modem right up to a Cel-fi Pro that is one of the only carrier certified repeater that Improve Indoor Signal where ever you are in the house

TV Tuning Installs

Just picked up your new TV and not sure how to get it fired up? We can unpack, build and if it's a smart TV link it to your internet service and you could be watching Netflix or cruising the web in no time. Connect it to your new Blu-Ray and you'll be enjoying home movies instantly